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In the modern world, artificial intelligence is used in practically every industry. This is for one simple reason: it makes the customer experience easier. In this article, we explain how AI technology is applied to fashion, we look into reasons why it is beneficial to retailers and why Prime AI technology is the best asset for your fashion business.

What is enhanced self-support in fashion retail?

Today, enhanced customers’ self-support in fashion retail lies within software powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Software as a service is created to improve the shopping experience of customers. They are digital, self-assist services that can be used by shoppers and require less or no human interaction.

Self-service has skyrocketed in popularity over recent years. Its popularity with consumers is staggering. A whopping 70% of shoppers expect company websites to have self-service functionality, with a further 40% preferring the option of self-service over human interaction.

The benefits of using AI technology for your clothing brand

There are many benefits to using AI technology for your clothing website and store. Take a look at a few of these below:

1. Speed

There is no denying that the biggest benefit of AI technology in fashion retail is the speed at which it provides solutions. AI removes the need for human interaction. This means that if your customer has a query, they no longer need to send an email or wait for a response. Solutions are at their fingertips instantly on your website.

Studies have shown that only 35% of customers like asking questions over the phone. Evidently, this time-consuming method of service is a thing of the past, soon to be completely overtaken by automated self-support.

It is obviously frustrating and incredibly inconvenient for the customer to go through the rigmarole of having to return garments. It also contributes to environmentally damaging carbon emissions. Not to mention the wasted time and cost involved, not just for the customer, but for the businesses as well.

Shoppers might have common questions about when their wanted clothing item will be back on your site. By adding Back In Stock alerts, you are saving customers the hassle of reaching out to an employee over the phone or by email and giving them an answer instantly. And more importantly notifying them via email or SMS as soon as their item is back in stock.

To find your size, simply input height, weight, and fit preferences. It takes no time at all, and most importantly, it makes online shopping more environmentally friendly. Something everyone is now embracing for a better future.

2. Accuracy

Another huge benefit of AI self-support is the unparalleled accuracy it provides. AI continuously learns and improves, removes the need to train multiple staff members on the same subject or loose the know how when experienced team members leave the job. For example, a customer might want to query if certain clothes will fit their body shape. The continuous learning of AI from sales, refunds, customer feedback and many other data points helps more customers to get their size perfectly right on their first purchase.

One of the biggest needs for accuracy when shopping for clothes online is the fit and size. The technology we provide here at Prime AI gives an instant and assured fit for your customers on a variety of garments.

3. Gets it right the first time

The combined precision and speed of AI technology in self-support ensures that more customers get things right the first time. By using technology like our Fit Finder on your website, customers will stop ordering and returning multiple items if they are not certain about their size. Leveraging sizing recommendations with Prime AI return portal that has avatars designed for fashion retail industry to give power to customers to report exactly what body part did not fit as expected. This improves sizing recommendations, but also enables retailers to improve their product design based on accurate and targeted data.

Technologies that provide accurate size recommendations will give customers an incentive to shop with you. It gives them peace of mind they will not have to return orders and speak to customer service employees. This means a higher conversion rate and more buyers for your business in the long run.

4. Saves your company time and money

While enhanced AI self-support is a benefit to customers, it is also hugely beneficial to you as a retailer. Removing the need for human assistance in repetitive tasks means employees can focus on other important core, bottom-line generating duties.

A lack of self-support options on your site also comes at a price. Operating costs of having to respond to various streams of enquires from customers can mount up. It is far more advantageous to spend this money on AI technology to remotely support customers. AI is only going to continue to increase in popularity and demand. It's vital to deploy this functionality on your website to retain custom.

How will The Clothing Fit Finder by Prime AI help my business?

Here at Prime AI, we have developed a unique AI technology to assist fashion retailers. This technology provides self-support for your customers while increasing business flow.

The Clothing Fit Finder combines actual human body shapes and artificial intelligence. This system assists your customers in finding clothes that fit them accurately at the point of purchase. Prime AI are currently the only fashion AI company to utilise this hybrid combination of technology with each product category having a dedicate size recommendation engine to address specificities of each product category. This makes Fit Finder by Prime AI the most accurate size recommendation solution on the market.

Some examples of Prime AI self-support services

Find below some of the common uses of AI support systems in retail fashion:

We take pride in how detailed oriented and in-depth we operate at Prime AI. We go the extra mile to craft custom-built solutions for every client. Our aim is to ensure ease and speed for your customers, as well as help your business to unlock its full potential.

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