Reducing Refunds

Returns Portal for apparel eCommerce

Returns portal for apparel e-commerce offers a comprehensive solution to enhance returns management and customer satisfaction while boosting profitability and eco-friendliness of your business. With features like paperless returns, cross-selling through dynamic product recommendations, and leveraging data sharing for reducing refunds.

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Refunds data boost sales, profits and future-proof your business.

  • Issue instant refunds to compete with marketplaces like amazon to provide stress-free refunds experience to shoppers
  • Optimise marketing campaigns to recommend/promote low return rate products
  • Communicate with customer's based on their returns reason to influence their purchase behaviour
  • Improve on site merchandising strategies using low refunds products attributes
  • Enforce or flag returns policy abuse automatically
  • Adjust refunds policy and deadlines based on data without impacting customer loyalty

Become eco-friendly with Returns Portal

With Prime AI returns portal you can either include shipping label for items to be returned to your warehouse, or you can go paperless and ask your customer to print their label, instantly saving 80% or more on paper wastage, costs related to label printing.

Returns portal is compatible with paper returns labels, while you have an option to go paperless with Prime AI’s return portal and save costs and environment. Many parcel carriers offer PUDOs/Lockers, or even print-at-shop labels. Customers don’t need to own a printer to return their package, and you don’t need to spend money on printing and inserting labels into every single order.

Features & Benefits

Below are some of the key features and benefits of Returns Portal. Creating a better refund experience for customers and lower operational costs for your eCommerce. Creating a seamless refunds experience for both you and customers.

  • Understand why items being refunded to improve sizing or PDP information
  • Become more environmentally friendly and save costs by going paperless>
  • Seamlessly integrate with any third-party logistics provider
  • Issue instant refunds to provide stress-free refunds experience to shoppers
  • Communicate with customers based on their returns reason to influence purchase behaviour
  • Reduce return rate
  • Reduce refunds further by leveraging data sharing between Prime AI size recommendation technology and returns portal
  • Help more customers get the right size and style the first time, reducing poor fit and inappropriate style returns
  • Create a new revenue channel with alternative product recommendations during the refund process
  • Analytics dashboard

Clothing size recommendation technology is reducing returns