In any language, no more translations!

Automated Product Detail Page descriptions for eCommerce

Prime AI image analysis tech identifies 20+ product attributes (e.g. category, colour, sleeve length) from a single image. AI-powered NLP generates unique descriptions in any language . 100% customisable, it integrates with eCommerce platforms, headless commerce, PIM & ERP systems.

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How does it work on Shopify?

Easy, simple and cost efficient process:

  1. Buy credits
  2. Install our Shopify approved app to enable us to connect to your product definition
  3. You specify products to be analysed
  4. We generate product description automatically
  5. You can review / proofread the generated description using a dedicated portal(optional)
  6. Push descriptions to Shopify with a single click (or export to csv)

You have the option to add additional keywords or information that are not visually unidentifiable such as water repellent treatment, 50% recycled materials used.

New Era of Efficiency With Prime AI

Cutting-edge software that is designed to streamline and accelerate the way you list products on your website! Be one of the first ones to gain the competitive advantage. Cut the operational costs by eliminating the need for 100% manual content creation and no more translation services !

With Prime AI's automated product description, you can easily push content directly to your website, making the process of listing products effortless. Our algorithm generates unique product descriptions every time, using any tone (formal, casual tone, youthful), complete with a story that will captivate your audience.

The benefits don't end there! You can use our interface to review and to add additional keywords to your content, further boosting your SEO value and improving your website's visibility on search engines. No more translations required, you can expand your business to other markets quickly and easily.

Don't waste any more time, do more with your money now!

Features & Benefits

Below are some of the key features and benefits of Automated Product Description technologies. Increase sales, not workload !

  • Reduced workload for content writers
  • No more translations services
  • Improve SEO ranking
  • AI-powered automated product description for eCommerce
  • Eye-catching and informative product descriptions with a story
  • Consistency in product descriptions across all items in the catalogue
  • Increased customer engagement and interest in products
  • Better conversion rate
  • Competitive advantage over other retailers who spend money on expensive translations and manual work


Buy credits for automated product descriptions. Stay in control of costs, you decide when to use the credits and when is the time to buy more.

Option 1 - £25 for 25 product descriptions
Option 2 - £250 for 500 product descriptions
Option 3 - £400 for 1,000 product descriptions

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