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Clothing size recommendation technology for fashion retailers. Fit finder by Prime AI

Size recommendation: helping customers to buy clothing in the size that fits them best, utilising AI powered technology that matches customers' body shape to garment SKU. 100% customisable solution for single and multi-brand retailers. It learns only from your actual inventory, sales, refunds and many other data points. Technology that understands the difference in every SKU.



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Features & Benefits

Below is the list of benefits that will bring a competitive advantage for your eCommerce business:

  • Cover 100% of your product catalogue (no product limit)
  • No data entry, 0% effort for your team
  • 100% customisable UX, infographics, APIs, optimisation reports and analytics dashboard
  • Custom build sizing recommendation engines for your business and your products
  • Improve stepping between each size, see sizing demand insights
  • See missed sales opportunities at SKU level, stock out forecast, dynamic pricing
  • Enhances understanding of difference in every SKU (powered by AI visual analysis), enrich your product feed
  • 4-dimensional size recommendations e.g. (fit + length + neck size, etc.)
  • Size mapping from ERP, or any metrics to international sizing system
  • Static and Dynamic size charts output that can be adjusted at product ID level
  • Body measurements for tailor made clothes
  • Visually similar product recommendations, real time available size pre-filtered at user level
  • Back in stock alerts
  • Leverage data between sizing recommendations and returns portal
  • Account manager for every client
  • Custom built functionalities on request

Size finder app on Shopify and other eCommerce platforms

Customers ordering the wrong size? Help your website visitors to find their sizes! Convert the customer who doesn't know their size. Go live in under three weeks. Integrates with all apps, desktop, mobile and tablet environments.

Prime AI technology is easily integrated into any eCommerce platform, including headless eCommerce, with zero data entry required from your team. It continuously learns only from your actual inventory, ensuring high accuracy every time. Since visually the same item, but produced in different factories fits differently. And that’s a fact.

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Reduce Returns, Increase Conversion, Build Customer Loyalty!

Prime AI’s unique combination of fashion and AI expertise makes it a unique and compelling proposition for retailers even with the most complex business setup. We understand that each retailer is different thereby Prime AI solutions is 100% custom built for every client, it has no product limitations and no data entry required from you, even if you have no data in ERP from your suppliers. Prime AI tools use state-of-the-art neural networks that can understand complex non-linear problems with much better results than any statistical or analytical methods to reduce your actual refunds. To reduce refunds takes much more than just recommending a size, we will guide you through strategies that work for your business based on your actual data and business set-up.


Supercharge your online business with Size Recommendation and take control of your costs.
Choose the plan that best suits your needs from the options below and unlock the full potential of your business.

Profit Surge

An affordable gateway for smaller retailers. Advanced AI-Powered Size Finder!


For websites that generate a maximum of 80,000 sessions a month
Fully bespoke sizing models using proprietary AI
Sizing models updated monthly based on sales and returns
Standard widget
Standard dashboard
Standard monthly intelligence report
Single domain
£420 one-off integration fee
£420 per month, 6-months subscription. Billed monthly
BUY NOW [one off integration fee]

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Best for larger websites looking for a dynamic recommendation solution

Includes everything in Profit Surge, plus:

Fully customisable widget
Fully customisable dashboard
Account Manager