Instant personalised size recommendation powered by AI

Wrong size selection is one of the main reasons for return. Prime AI has developed a technology that provides the most accurate size recommendation on the market today. Our proprietary neural networks understand the best match between customers’ individual fit preference, body shape and garment specifications. A proprietary machine learning algorithm calculates, validates and serves size recommendation in real time directly on the retailer’s product description page. Thus, eliminating the need to open and understand a traditional size chart.

Validated results
We have benchmarked our technology against the best players in the market.
Our flexible solution is the only one capable to work at SKU level, with measured improvements that speak for themselves:

higher conversion
increase in average order value
lower overall returns ratio

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Advantages of Prime AI interactive size guide
Adding an intelligent size recommendation to your online fashion store will make a significant contribution to your business performance. From increasing sales to reducing cost, getting a much deeper understanding of your customers buying habits, and being kinder to our planet.

Reduce Operational cost & Boost sales
Increase customer confidence
in placing an order
Access fact based missed sales opportunities
& customer behaviour at SKU levels
Improve inventory management
& buying strategies
Enhance environmental sustainability
by lowering CO2 footprint
Get actionable monthly report prepared
by fashion experts & data scientists

Easy and Simple Implementation To any E-Commerce Platform
Using Prime AI is about making your life easier ! Adding our size recommendation is as easy as adding 2 lines of codes to your html. We do all the ground work including sourcing and creating all the required size guides to develop your very own and bespoke sizing models using proprietary neural networks.

Just add 2 lines of java script to your website
to enable our technology to understand your sales and returns data
All codes, calculations and data hosted by Prime AI
No measuring or size chart required, even if you have no information about your product sizing.
We have solutions for you !
We can integrate to any CRM platform and loyalty program

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Why Prime AI ?
Prime AI unique combination of retail and AI expertise makes it a unique and compelling proposition. We care about making your business thrive by using our solution. When you partner with Prime AI, you do not just get a tool. You get the full benefit of its team so you can make the most of all the data we collect and process for you.

Our team combines AI specialists and retail experts, so we can understand and assist you with better data processing that you can use and act upon
Our tools use state-of-the-art neural networks that can understand complex non-linear problems with much better results than any statistical or analytical methods
We provide access to very detailed dashboards delivering daily insight on performance down to SKU level
We understand that each retailer is different and we customise dashboard as well as recommendation appearance/style to suite your branding
YOUR customers = YOUR data. We are transparent about data collected and you get free access to all data. Your data is secure and not shared with any other retailers
No upfront payment.
You pay only for actual results delivered
You are assigned an account manager to provide regular analysis and advise on missed sales opportunities and how to increase sales and reduce returns further

Test Prime AI Size Recommendation Widget
Prime AI does not charge for integration.
We also offer free ammendments to the widget visuals to best fit your brand and customer experience.


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