Clothing size recommendation technology for fashion retailers. Fit finder by Prime AI

Prime AI is driving profitability and environmental sustainability for fashion retailers with the most accurate clothing size recommendation tool on the market.

find your perfect size

Increase Conversion, Reduce Refunds, Build Customer Loyalty

Size recommendation: helping customers to buy clothing in the size that fits them best, utilising AI powered technology that matches customers' body shape to garment SKU.

higher conversion
increase in average order value
less items returned

Build a competitive advantage with technology which understands differences in every SKU. Prime AI can provide solutions to any retailers, from small single-brand to large multi-brand online stores. We are trusted by global fashion retailers, including:


  • ⦁ Cover 100% of your product catalogue (no product limit)
  • ⦁ 100% customisable UX and infographics
  • ⦁ 100% customisable automated reports
  • ⦁ Custom built solution for every client
  • ⦁ Account manager
  • ⦁ No data entry, 0% effort for your team
  • ⦁ Understands difference in every SKU (powered by AI visual analysis)
  • ⦁ Custom build sizing recommendation engines for each product type
  • ⦁ Custom built solution for every client
  • ⦁ Custom build sizing recommendation engines for each product type
  • ⦁ Sizing recommendations at colour level
  • ⦁ 4-dimensional size recommendations e.g. (fit + length + neck size, etc.)
  • ⦁ Full outfit sizing recommendations (for each item)
  • ⦁ Fast integration
  • ⦁ APIs to CRM and content marketing tools
  • ⦁ Integrates with all Apps, Desktop, Mobile and Tablet environments
  • ⦁ Size pre-filtered and personalised content
  • ⦁ Analytics dashboard real time
  • ⦁ Actual refunds reduction
  • ⦁ Sizing demand insights
  • ⦁ Stock out forecasts
  • ⦁ Dynamic pricing
  • ⦁ Monthly business optimisation opportunities report
  • ⦁ Body measurements for tailor made clothes
  • ⦁ Works online and instore
  • ⦁ Dynamic product recommendations
  • ⦁ Back in stock alerts
  • ⦁ Custom built functionalities on request

Help apparel shoppers to find their best fitting size in seconds without physically trying items on

Easy to integrate, while being flexible and agile enough to work at any scale and with all budgets.

Go live in under a week with sizing recommendations on Shopify and other ecommerce platforms

It's super easy to set up fit finder by Prime AI on Shopify and many other platforms. Prime AI can source each garment SKU specifications with no input from your team and no measuring required. Help customers to make an informed decision.


Validated results

How accurate is our size recommendation? The results speak for themselves! Prime AI matches customer biometrics to garment SKU specifications to provide high accuracy size recommendations.

reduce returns in e commerce

Unlock your brand’s potential

Prime AI has benchmarked its technology against the major players in the market and thoroughly validated its performance in real life with its customers. *conversion rate measured from Product Detail Page to Order Completion

increase conversion fashion retailers

Advantages of Prime AI interactive size guide

Adding intelligent size recommendation to your online fashion store will make a significant contribution to your business performance. From increasing sales to reducing cost, getting a much deeper understanding of your customers buying habits at SKU level, and being kinder to our planet.

  • Enhance your environmental sustainability by lowering CO2 footprint
  • Reduce Operational cost & Boost sales
  • Access fact based missed sales opportunities & customer behaviour at SKU level
  • Increase customer confidence in placing an order
  • Improve inventory management & buying strategies at SKU level
  • Get actionable monthly report prepared by fashion experts & data scientists

Easy and Simple Integration To any E-Commerce Platform

No IT or developers required. We do all the groundwork, including sourcing garment specifications and creating all the required size guides to develop your very own and bespoke sizing models using proprietary neural networks.

  • We source all SKU specifications, no input required from your team
  • No item measuring required
  • Just add 2 lines of JavaScript to your website to enable our technology to understand your sales and returns data
  • All codes, calculations and data hosted by Prime AI in line with GDPR, CCPA & data security standards
  • APIs available for your ERP, CRM

Why Prime AI?

Prime AI's unique combination of fashion retail and AI expertise makes it a unique and compelling proposition. We care about making your business thrive by using our solution. When you partner with Prime AI, you do not just get a most accurate size recommendation tool on the market.

  • Our team combines AI specialists and retail experts, so we can understand and assist you with better data processing that you can use and act upon
  • Our tools use state-of-the-art neural networks that can understand complex non-linear problems with much better results than any statistical or analytical methods
  • We provide access to very detailed dashboards delivering daily insight on performance down to SKU level
  • We understand that each retailer is different, and we customise dashboard as well as recommendation appearance/style to suit your branding
  • You are assigned an account manager to provide regular analysis and advise on missed sales opportunities and how to increase sales and reduce returns rate further

Discover fit finder by Prime AI for other merchandise

Select garment type you are interested in. Prime AI fit finder is available for Men and Women's apparel, including Clothing fit finder, Bras size finder and Shoes size finder.

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