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Back In Stock Notifications for Fashion Retailers

Losing sales because of out-of-stock items? With Prime AI's Back in Stock feature, you'll never miss out on a sale again. Your users can now register to be notified when that product / variant is back in stock.

It's not just about making more sales. With our inventory management insights, you'll gain valuable data on missed sales opportunities



Higher Conversion



Return on Investment

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Maximize Sales Potential with Back In Stock Notifications

The potential customers both online and in-store are leaving empty-handed, frustrated by their inability to purchase the items, especially the size they desire. The result is a substantial loss of sales opportunities for fashion retailers.

In today's market, clothing retailers are experiencing a staggering 10% loss in total revenue each month due to out-of-stock items. Try our back in stock notifications tool to re-target high-value customers who are ready to purchase. Don't miss sales opportunities because of stock.

Features & Benefits

Below are some of the key features and benefits of Back In Stock Notifications. Creating a better shopping experience for customers and reducing missed opportunity costs for your store. Customers want that specific size and if you don't have it, they should at least be alerted for when it's back in stock.

  • SMS, WhatsApp, Email & Messenger notifications
  • Avoid missed sales opportunities due to stock
  • Retargets high-value customers who are ready to spend
  • Increases customer loyalty to support business growth
  • Positive impact on bottom line due to faster stock turn
  • Reduces number of enquiries to customer service department
  • Provides inventory management insights to future-proof your business
  • Identifies which garments and how much revenue is being missed out
  • Suggests visually similar alternatives when preferred size is out of stock

Back In Stock Notifications on Shopify and other eCommerce platforms

Revolutionize your online store with Back In Stock Notifications. This requires minimal effort from your team, enabling you to go live in just one week. Don't miss out on sales because of out of stock products.

Our technology is easily integrated into any eCommerce platform, including headless eCommerce, with zero data entry required from your team.

Back In Stock Notifications app means that customers can register to get a back in stock notification for that item you don't have in stock today.

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