Back in stock notifications
via SMS, E-Mail and WhatsApp for fashion retailers

Out of stocks is one of the biggest challenges driven by the pandemic. Many ready to spend visitors online and in physical stores are leaving empty handed due to sought after SKU being out of stock.

Do you know how much money you are leaving on the table every day? Prime technology is powered by artificial intelligence and will enable you to see:
• Missed sales opportunities at SKU level in terms of value and units
• Conversion Rate of every item
• Average age of customer viewing each item

On an average month, clothing retailers miss 10% of total revenue due to products being out of stock. Pandemic has driven out of stocks rate way above 10% for many eCommerce stores. But what about your physical stores? Deploy back in stock notifications powered by Prime AI in eCommerce and Physical stores to re-target high value customer who are ready to spend. Messaging can be triggered via Email, WhatsApp, Facebook, or SMS.

See the Back In Stock Widget in Action

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Benefits for fashion retailers:
• Newly created high conversion traffic source, with conversion rate over 60%
• Grow high value customer database
• Increase customer loyalty to support business growth
• Positive impact to bottom line due faster stock turn
• Faster fragmented SKU liquidation
• Reduced number of enquiries to customer service department
• Inventory management insights powered by proprietary artificial intelligence technology to future proof your business
• Identify which garments are in demand for Plus Sizes and how much revenue is being missed out
• Fair pricing results in over 800% return on investment

Size & Fit Finder technology for fashion retailers

Select garment type you are interested in. Prime AI fit finder is available for Men and Women apparels,
including Clothing fit finder, Bras size finder and Shoes size finder.

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