Back in stock notifications
via email, WhatsApp or Facebook for fashion retailers

Many visitors who are eager to spend online and in physical stores are leaving empty handed due to SKU of interest being out of stock.

By deploying back in stock notification powered by Prime AI, retailers are able to engage high value customers who are ready to spend after they left their store. Messaging can be triggered via Email, WhatsApp or Facebook.

Our technology is powered by artificial intelligence: it will identify and accurately pin point missed sales opportunities at SKU level.

Benefits for fashion retailers:
• Newly created high convertion traffic source, with conversion rate over 60%

• Grow high value customer database

• Increase customer loyalty to support business growth

• Positive impact to bottom line due faster stock turn

• Faster fragmented SKU liquidation

• Reduced number of enquiries to customer service department

• Inventory management insights powered by proprietary artificial intelligence technology to future proof your business

• Identify which garments are in demand for Plus Sizes and how much revenue is being missed out

• Fair pricing results in over 800% return on investment

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