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Looking for software to improve your Ecommerce business?

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Looking for software to improve your Ecommerce business?

Visual product discovery made easy

Find clothes by picture powered by advanced image analysis technology

For fashion retailers who want to reduce bounce rate from social media ads, increase average order value. Prime AI image analysis technology can identify 20+ product attributes from a single image across any product category including most complex categories: dresses and lingerie. Dynamic product recommendations that put entire product catalogue to work, not just the top sellers. Start free on Shopify.

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Visual product discovery for your e-commerce

Powerful Filters

Fashion shoppers can zoom in a specific attribute that product must have.

Customisable Interface

100% customisable UX & UI to fit your brand and e-commerce design on any desktop and mobile device.

Dedicated Dashboard

Sales and analytics dashboard will give you an insight in app usability and added value to your web shop.

Interactive example of Find Clothes By Picture

Reduce website abandonment rate when shoppers land on products that have missing sizes. Humans are visual beings. Showing visually similar product images will straightaway grab your customers attention, way quicker than any other type of dynamic product recommendation. Prime AI proprietary technology offers the fastest visual search on the market. More relevant recommendations equal more sales. Prime AI state of the art technology continuously learns on the fly and serves visually similar clothing items, so your customers get to the items they want to purchase. Works on all mobile devices

Features & Benefits

Below are some of the key features and benefits of AI-powered Find Clothes By Picture for eCommerce. Creating a better shopping experience for customers. Help your customers find visually similar products, not just the top sellers.

  • Showcase visually similar products to keep your customers engaged and browsing your website longer
  • Generate more sales and revenue with relevant product recommendations
  • Gain insights on your customers' preferences through advanced image analysis technology
  • Dynamic product recommendations that utilize your entire catalogue, not just the top sellers.
  • Boost customer loyalty and retention by providing an exceptional product discovery tool
  • 100% customizable UX and UI to fit your brand and e-commerce design.
  • Seamless integration
  • Identify over 20 product attributes from a single image
  • Reduce website abandonment rates

Find Clothes By Pictures on your eCommerce platform

Revolutionize Your Online Shoe Sales: Hassle-free Customization and visually similar product recommendation with Prime AI's Find Clothes By Picture! Our AI-powered solution requires minimal effort from your team, enabling you to go live in just 2 days.

Our technology is easily integrated into any eCommerce platform, including headless eCommerce, with zero data entry required from your team. It continuously learns from your inventory, ensuring high accuracy with every image search.

Our fully integrated Find Clothes By Pictures app means that customers can quickly search for visually similar products without needing to download an app.

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