Accuracy to half a size

Shoe Size Finder Technology for eCommerce!

Snap a photo of your foot beside a A4/Letter size paper for precise length & width measurements that are matched to shoes SKU in e-stores or physical shops. Give alternative recommendations for similar shoes in-stock if size is unavailable. Locate wanted shoes in nearby stores. Enhance shopping, boost conversion & cut refunds.



Higher Conversion



Increased average order value



Less returns

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Unique Technology Powered By Artificial Intelligence

Prime AI technology utilises advanced image recognition and analysis, providing unmatched precision with an error margin of under 5mm - equivalent to half a shoe size. This level of accuracy ensures your customers can effortlessly find footwear that fits them perfectly.

Shoe Size Finder is the ultimate solution for footwear retailers striving to offer a truly personalized shopping experience, while simultaneously streamlining their business for increased efficiency and profitability.

Designed to function seamlessly in physical stores, our technology reduces the time your staff spends searching for and providing different shoe sizes during peak hours. With Shoe Size Finder, customers can effortlessly check their shoe size, availability and locate the nearest store with the product they need, empowering them to self-assist

Features & Benefits

Below are some of the key features and benefits of AI-powered Shoe Size Finder Technology for eCommerce. Creating a better shopping experience for customers and lower operational costs for your shoe shop.

  • 100% Customisable
  • Custom APIs.
  • AI-powered technology for highly accurate sizing recommendations
  • Measures foot length and width through the browser
  • Identifies different sizes of foot girth
  • Matches foot to actual shoe SKU
  • Visually similar and in-stock alternative shoe recommendation.
  • Works seamlessly in physical stores to reduce employee search time
  • Converts indecisive shoppers by eliminating guesswork for shoe size
  • Suggests visually similar alternatives when preferred size is out of stock
  • 16% higher conversion rate
  • 15% higher average order value
  • 18% lower return rate

Shoe size finder on Shopify and other eCommerce platforms

Revolutionize Your Online Shoe Sales: Hassle-free Customization and Reduced Refunds with Prime AI Shoe Size Finder! Our AI-powered solution requires minimal effort from your team, enabling you to go live in just one week.

Our technology is easily integrated into any eCommerce platform, including headless eCommerce, with zero data entry required from your team. It continuously learns only from your actual inventory, ensuring high accuracy every time.

Our fully integrated Shoe Size Finder app means that customers won't need to download any extra app - the technology opens up straight away on their internet browser, requesting just one picture of their foot. Curious about how it works on desktop devices?"

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