How to find a bikini that fits properly with Prime AI


One of the trickiest types of clothing to buy online is swimwear. Bikinis specifically are near impossible to accurately size to your body shape, especially when shopping with a new brand. This leads customers to buy the wrong size, and consequently process a return. The solution to this is the addition of artificial intelligence sizing tools to an online store, like the ones developed at Prime AI.These applications assist in producing accurate size recommendations for online shoppers. In this post, we cover common problems when shopping for bikinis online, how Prime AI technology helps customers find accurately fitting swimwear and the benefits of these applications for your online store.

The struggle to find a bikini that fits when shopping online

There are many reasons why finding a bikini set that fits properly online is tricky. Without an accurate sizing recommendation tools, there are many barriers in the way. For example, the fact that bikinis can fit differently depending on colour and print, because of the dye used or how the patterns might look on each body shape. There is also the trouble of knowing how your swimwear will react in water. For example, Online publication The Zoe Report suggests sizing down if you're spending a lot of the time in the water, as fabric stretches when wet.
There's also the dilemma of different sizing metrics. Some brands go by cup size for bikinis, while others opt for standard sizing of S, M and L. You then have the issue that M size in one brand might not fit like the M of another. Popular lingerie brand Pour Moi state that “any size above a C cup should buy bikinis that are measured by the cup " for accuracy in this recent article.With so much to take into consideration, it's no surprise shoppers are often returning bikini sets that don't fit properly. So what is the solution to reduce return rates and provide accurate sizing solutions for your customers?


How to find a bikini that fits the first time with Prime AI technology

Unsurprisingly, bikinis and swimwear have the highest return rate for many retailers. Especially for first time buyers, it's very rare that a customer will get the sizing right due to the common issues we have just outlined. This is where Prime AI artificial intelligence sizing recommendation comes in.
Prime AI has developed two core recommendation engines that you can use on your online store. Our Bra Size Finder that understands the relationship between bras and bikini top sizing, and the Clothing Fit Finder helps to accurately recommend any other standard clothing sizes. The Fit Finder also builds its own sizing models at subcategories and fit level, for example, high rise, low rise etc. even at a color level.
Prime AI works with retailers to custom build size recommendation services for every category of swimwear. Each item, from two-piece bikinis, to beachwear and swimsuits can be more accurately advised by Prime AI's algorithms than first time buyers trying to make sense of all variables when choosing the size. We understand that every swimwear item has a different purpose from sports performance competitions to beachwear, and therefore different fit and size requirements are at play. Image: 30% less refunds
Our systems prove so accurate that many of our clients on average see 30% lower swimwear returns from customers who used the Prime AI Size Recommendation tools on their online stores.The Clothing Fit finder especially helps to reduce returns from first time buyers, who are responsible for the biggest share of returns within e-commerce. Prime AI technology is using neural networks to understand the relationship between customers' biometric and each garment. These agile little brains can make sense of very limited data and optimize recommended size down to SKU level and colour level. This enables Prime AI to use only relevant data to your inventory and your customers, and therefore recommend the size that is exactly right for this specific garment and for this specific customer.

Buy the perfect bikini set with our size recommendation tools

Don't just take our word for it, one of our clients, the clothing brand O'Neill, utilises Prime AI size recommendation technology on their site. This improves customer experience and reduces return rates by providing their customers with perfectly fitting swimwear.
There's no better place to choose from a range of amazing bikini sets and swimwear pieces, plus you can be confident of an accurate fit using Prime AI's interactive sizing tools, where you just have to answer a few simple sizing questions. Prime AI believes passionately in sustainability within the fashion industry,so we fully support O'Neill's stance on sustainability in swimwear. You can read out that in one of our otherrecent blog posts.

Get it right for your customers everytime with Prime AI

Having technology for your customers to feel confident in the swimwear they are buying online is more important than ever. Research by Sherwen suggests that "44% of shoppers say the thing they like least about online shopping is not knowing what the products may be like in reality."By using Prime AI's range of size recommending tools, you can build brand loyalty by getting it right for your customers every time.
To read more about our Clothing Fit Finder tools, check out our recent blog post.Get in touch with Prime AI today to start creating your custom size recommendation systems.