How to reduce bounce rate from Instagram to Shopify for apparel retailers


A common way customers identify clothes they want to purchase is through pictures from paid social media adverts. This can however be a problem when they go to purchase the item and cannot find their size, leading a customer to click off the store and search for something similar elsewhere. This means a high bounce rate from your ads, as well as a loss of income for your business. In this article, we will cover how a first-time buyer behaves on your Shopify store and how Prime AI technology reduces bounce rate and increases profits for your apparel business, by instantly offering relevant visually similar clothing items to the one being viewed. Prime AI advanced image recognition technology identifies distinctive attributes of your merchandise and achieves 96% accuracy in finding similar products by utilizing state of the art neural networks.

Social media ads and human behavior

Pop-up images on sites like Instagram that feature your clothing items with links to the site are incredibly effective as they tap directly into human psychology. Humans are visual beings and when we see something we want, we go after it. When you combine this with social media, you have found an ideal way to market to new customers.

How does a high bounce rate from ads affect my business?

Having a higher bounce rate suggests people are not sticking around on your site or store. This, therefore, means you are not making as many sales as you could be. Customers leaving after clicking through once suggests deeper problems with your user experience. Luckily, artificial intelligence systems can be used to rectify this.


How AI technology helps to reduce bounce back rate

When a person clicks through on a paid advert, the ultimate aim is to get them to ideally buy the item or explore your store. As mentioned, this can be an issue when their size is out of stock. Prime AI technology presents a solution to help apparel retailers reduce their bounce rate from paid advertising, improve the user experience of their Shopify store and ultimately lead to increased profit. Find clothes by picture technology is extremely useful for clothing retailers that receive a large amount of their website traffic from paid ads channels like Instagram, Facebook and Google Shopping ads. It works to provide alternative options when the buyer is unable to achieve their original goal after clicking through to your website, i.e buy the item from the advertised image. Artificial intelligence systems applied to your Shopify store can present similar looking alternative merchandise to the shopper's out-of-stock item. This will, for example, be a visually similar shirt in terms of colour, pattern, shape, material and other styling details that are available in their size. This works very well to stop first-time visitors from leaving your website instantly. On average 40% of visitors click through on visually similar product recommendations to explore the alternative options provided to them and over 20% make a purchase. Prime AI find clothes by picture technology hones in on visually similar products by a full image scan of your entire product catalog to identify similarities. Visually similar product recommendations not only helps to reduce bounce rate but also increases your business profitability since digital marketing campaigns on social media become more effective by boosting returns on ads spend (ROAS). Find below just a few of the possibilities when using the Prime AI in your Shopify store:

Prime AI is the most superior technology on the market for decreasing refunds , bounce rates and boosting sales in retail fashion. Get in touch with us to make your business more profitable.