Why should you use Fit Finder?


Powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence technologies, Fit Finder tool helps shoppers get tailored clothing size recommendations, diminishing worries about whether the ordered clothes will fit.

Tiger of Sweden offers shoppers Fit Finder tool in various categories, including T-shirts, Jackets, Blazers, Jeans and other clothing categories. >
The size recommendation tool is available on the product page by simply clicking the Fit Finder button.


Why Should I Use Fit Finder Tool

Fit Finder was created with the aim to help both the shoppers and the environment. Using a size finder, powered by Artificial Intelligence, most shoppers get accurate sizing recommendations the first time. Prime AI matches customer body shape to actual garment SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) specifications in real time for the product that is viewed since different items fit differently.

When you are using AI-powered clothing size recommendations, you are improving the shopping experience for all other shoppers as well helping the fashion retail industry to become more environmentally friendly. Because technology is learning from sales and refunds data to improve accuracy as well as provide insights on sizing demand for retailers.

The more customers order using sizing recommendations the fewer returns we get. As a result, fewer delivery vans are on the roads, minimizing the Co2 footprint and traffic. Reducing refunds by helping you to choose the right size the first time also results in less packing required for item transportation and restocking.

However, if you are unhappy with the clothes you have received or the size is not right for you, you remain fully eligible to ask for a return. These returns and returns reasons also help to improve the shopping experience for other customers as well as your future shopping experience with us.

What Makes Fit Finder Unique & Useful?

Since technology is learning from sales and returns data, it allows adjusting sizing recommendations at an item or even color level. Suppose any sizing deviations in the manufacturing process are detected in advance, or we identify this in refunds data. In that case, Fit Finder will advise shoppers automatically as soon as this is noticed. So each return or a negative experience is turned into a positive for others, and your future purchases.

Fit Finder also helps retailers optimize their operations and make them more efficient since retailers get insights into sizing demands and they can adjust product assortment accordingly based on data, not guessing. This way, retailers have more funds to invest in research and designing new items or sell products at better prices. Making more customers, including you, happy.

How It Works?

Fit Finder is powered by Artificial Intelligence and machine-learning algorithms and uses size charts, sales and returns data to make clothing fit recommendations.

When you find clothes Tiger of Sweden shop, you can use Fit Finder's button within the product page and, by following three simple steps, get personalized size recommendations.

Learn more about Fit Finder's technology here.