What is a Fit Finder? – Prime AI


Shopping online brings lots of benefits to millions of shoppers worldwide, with hundreds of clothes available at your fingertips 24/7 and the advantage of shopping comfortably while sitting on your couch. Finding the perfect size is not always easy when ordering online. Luckily, advanced technologies made a revolution in how people shop online.

Fit Finder by Prime AI is a tool powered by Artificial Intelligence that allows shoppers to find their perfect clothing fit. With just a few clicks, you can get an accurate size recommendation and stop worrying about whether the blazer or shirt you have ordered will be too big or too small, or worry about returns.

Tiger of Sweden customers can use Fit Finder to get personalized clothing size recommendations for categories like shirts, jumpers, jackets, jeans and others.

How Fit Finder Works?

How Fit Finder Works? Fit Finder is powered by cutting-edge machine-learning algorithms and utilizes production size charts and retail data to make accurate fit recommendations you can feel confident in. By browsing Tiger of Sweden product catalogue, you can choose clothes that fit your style and use the Fit Finder's button within the product page to get a personalized size recommendation.

Four easy steps will help you find the fit that will look great on you. Here's the full process:
  • Enter your age, weight, and height.
  • Select body shapes (belly and shoulders) — slimmer, regular or curvier.
  • Adjust your fit preference, whether you want the clothes to be very tight, loose or regular.

    After finishing, Fit Finder will recommend a size that would suit your body and preferences the best.

    Learn more about how Fit Finder works and what fitting advice is based on here.


    Why Should You Use Fit Finder?

    Fit Finder is like your virtual style assistant that helps you choose the clothes that suit you. The AI-powered tool will help you out when you are worried about whether the specific size will fit you.

    With added confidence that you're ordering the proper size, you are more likely to be happy with your order and won't need to return the clothes or change the clothing size.

    To learn more about Fit Finder's benefits, read here.

    Please note that the sizing recommendation may not always be 100% accurate for all customers all the time.