How Fit Finder Works and What Advice It's Based On?


Fit Finder is a tool supercharged by Artificial Intelligence that allows shoppers to find their ideal clothing size. In just three simple steps, shoppers can get a precise size recommendation and minimize the unpleasant experience when the clothes are not fitting well, and a return becomes necessary.

How Does It Work?

Advanced technologies, backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning, allow Fit Finder to offer a size that will fit the customer.

From user inputs, Fit Finder calculates the human body shape that is matched to a specific item's garment SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) specifications. Here are a few simple steps a customer needs to follow to get personalized fit recommendations:
  • Enter age, weight and height.
  • Choose body shape — slimmer, regular or curvier.
  • Adjust the clothing fit preference — very tight, loose or regular.

    Fit Finder will automatically pick the right size available based on the shopper's biometrics and preferences. With just a single click, you can add the item to the cart or, if the size is not available, opt-in for a notification once the item at a specific size is back in stock. The tool does not request to enter the information for each product. Once the customer enters their information, Fit finder will match user data to product specifications when moving to view another item in real-time. So, when getting sizing recommendations, the user may get the recommended M and in others, L, based on the item's specifications.

    Please note Fit Finder is continuously learning from sales and refund data. If you get inaccurate sizing recommendations, this will be detected via refunds data, which will improve your and others' shopping experience in the future.


    How Fit Finder Helps Me?

    We all know the frustration when you receive a long-awaited item and it does not fit you. Then you need to issue a return and change the size or get a refund. Luckily, Fit Finder minimizes inaccurate sizing by analyzing your body and preferences together with the specific item's garment SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) specifications.

    To add — AI-powered tool helps not only with choosing the right size but also reducing the fashion industry's environmental footprint.

    When the shopper receives the right clothing size, they are happy with their order, and the returns number is slashed. Naturally, fewer returns are made, fewer delivery vans are on the roads, minimizing the pollution and traffic.

    So when you are using Fit Finder, you become a part of a more eco-conscious fashion industry's future.

    If you want to learn more about how Fit Finder helps you and the environment, click here.