How to find shoes that fit. Shoe size finder technology by Prime AI

Published on April 25th, 2022


When it comes to retail shopping, finding shoes that fit properly and comfortably can feel like an arduous task. This is why so many apparel retailers are turning to artificial intelligence systems to assist customers in buying shoes that fit right the first time. It not only helps to boost profit by maintaining custom, but it also creates an improved customer experience overall. In this article, we cover the common retail barriers in finding shoes that fit and how Prime AI Shoe Fit Finder can help your customers and drive the sales of your business.

The challenge finding shoes that fit

One of the biggest challenges consumers face, both online and offline, is buying shoes that fit well. Far too often online size descriptions and calculator tools are inaccurate, leading customers to return items or not go through with a purchase at all. Artificial intelligence systems make the process of helping your customers find shoes that fit properly easier than ever before. These systems can be used both in-store and online to create a universally valued and positive shoe shopping experience.

How to find shoes that fit with Prime AI technology

Prime AI technology is the perfect addition for your online and physical store to assist your customers in buying shoes that fit accurately. Our artificial intelligence technology is easy to use and gets it right for your consumers every time, resulting in a 16% higher conversion rate for your business.

Can be used online and in physical stores

One of the many perks of Prime AI Shoe Size Finder technology is its versatility. The applications can be used online but also come in handy when visiting physical stores. When shopping online, the Shoe Size Finder application gives customers peace of mind in the accuracy of their purchase, making them take comfort in the fact they won't have to go through a returns process. When shopping in-store, customers can save time by targeting the correct size straight away while avoiding wasting shop assistants' time. Though online shopping has boomed in recent years, shopping in-store remains a popular option when buying shoes. In-store, customers can easily use the Prime AI shoe size finder solution with no need to download an application. The customer only needs to scan a QR code for the shoe size finder to open their mobile phone. Thereby customers will be able to learn what size they require and if their size is in stock even before speaking to a shop assistant.

Consumer research from Sherwen has found that third of shoppers would like to see a hybrid model of shopping emerge that would allow them to check stock levels in-store using their personal device. If shoes are not in stock, Prime AI will recommend alternative visually similar shoes (powered by advanced image analysis). Shoppers can also request back in stock alerts via email or SMS and check inventory in other stores. Prime AI technology not only increases customer satisfaction, but it also reduces the staffing costs in store since customers have access to self-service.

This is a significant advantage when, according to Sherwen research, a whopping six in ten (63%) shoppers aged 16-24 would be "much more likely" or "somewhat more likely" to make a purchase if QR codes were used in physical stores, enabling them to keep track of items that they like.


Everything you need to know about the Shoe Size Finder

At Prime AI we have developed the Shoe Size Finder technology than can be used as a sizing assistant application on both online and in your physical shop or store. Find below the applications we offer as part of the Shoe Size Finder technology.

Option 1: Shoe size converter brand to brand

This technology identifies shoe size by comparing it with another brand you are familiar with. For example, you may know your size in Converse or Adidas. This sizing option requires little effort and gets the shopper an answer in seconds. However, with such an approach, accuracy can be below 80%. We have learned that identical brand and style (visually identical) shoes are being manufactured in different factories around the world resulting in inside shoe dimension differences of more than 1cm (0.4 inches) which is a full shoe size. Therefore there is a risk of mismatch. For retailers who want superior accuracy (more than 80%), we offer a solution powered by AI advanced image analysis.

Option 2: Measure your foot with a phone camera

This technology uses a phone camera to accurately measure a shopper's foot size and give recommendations according to your footwear. A customer needs access to a phone and a piece of a4 or letter size (in the US) paper to complete this size test. They simply take a picture of their foot next to the paper, following the given instructions and foot dimensions being matched to an actual shoe inventory the store holds.

How the Shoe Fit Finder measures foot size

Prime AI Shoe Size finder uses artificial intelligence to measure foot length, width and shape to give accurate recommendations. The technology is capable of measuring foot length within less than 5mm.This means the Prime AI shoe size application can help your customers get shoe sizing right every time.

The benefits of the Prime AI Shoe Size Finder

There are countless benefits to using Prime AI Shoe Size Finder applications both in-store and online for your retail fashion business. Find below just a few of the perks of this superior shoe sizing technology by Prime AI.

Helps customers to order a shoe size that fits

The Prime AI Shoe Size Finder's main aim is to assist customers in finding shoes that fit accurately, which in turn drives sales, reduces refunds, and boosts customer satisfaction. We have discovered that finding well-fitting shoes is a real issue for consumers. Even purchasing shoes within the same brand can differ in size due to a person's foot shape and the factory it is manufactured in. Our AI technology works for all shoe types and foot sizes with easy-to-use interfaces and results in seconds.

Makes shopping easier than ever

Finding shoes that fit is easier than ever with the Prime AI Shoe Size Finder technology. Only 1 picture needs to be taken to provide accurate sizing results in seconds, the only technology on the market to do so. There is no need to remove socks or roll up trousers.

Leads to less refunds

More accurate sizing means your customer service is processing fewer shoe returns. On average, Prime AI technology leads to 18% fewer returns for our customers. Reduced returns also mean less of a carbon footprint for online companies with fewer delivery vans on the road.

Speedier than alternative methods

Prime AI Shoe Size finder is quicker and more effective than old-school methods of measuring shoe size. For example, foot measuring devices in-store that require both time and human assistance. With our size finder applications, your customers have accurate results in seconds, without human assistance.

Drives sales and boost profits

Easy self-assist system and collected data will enable your business to optimize product assortment to boost sales and profit for your company. Whether you are an online or physical store, Prime AI technology gives customers further incentive to make quality and accurate purchases they can't achieve anywhere else.

Try out the Prime AI Shoe Size Finder for your business

Make sure to try out our Prime AI Shoe Size Finder on our website to see how easy it is to help your customers find accurate shoe sizes. Prime AI's combination of retail expertise and skill with AI technology makes us the ultimate asset to your company. Both our brand finder and image analysis technology are easy to set up with your online store, and you could be live with these self-assistance applications in under 4 weeks.

Get in contact with us today about the Prime AI Shoe Size Finder and let us help you get sizing right for your customers and drive your profits like never before.

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