AI Interactive size guide for fashion retailers


The addition of an interactive size recommendation tool enables customers to browse freely through a retailer’s website, while the algorithm instantly updates and advise on his or hers best fitting size for every clothing item. Once the customer has entered its morphology through a short query form, Prime AI’s intelligent tool will always serve the customer’s “perfect Size”, which might be different based on every garment’s brand, style and materials.

This method of size recommendation is significantly more accurate and easier to use than trying to understand old-fashion size charts.

We have demonstrated that integrating artificial intelligence to a product description page will reduce returns for fashion retailers. Prime AI's pop-up tool enables customers to buy the most suitable fitting size on their first transaction, which also reduces the number of customers buying multiple sizes with intention to return the ones that do not fit.

Optimise inventory in e-commerce and stores with machine learning
The data collected about garment specifications and customers’ preferences is used to identify missed sales opportunities down to SKU level, including what sizes should be kept in stock or which new sizes should be brought in.

For instance, consider:
• Size ratio of your customers versus inventory available to buy.
• How many customers did not find big enough or small enough size.
• Product conversion ratio by age group allows to adjust clothing offering.

Customers’ data is key in overall inventory optimisation strategy, and combined with Prime AI technology, benefits will be seen in both e-commerce and physical stores.

Increase sales conversion of first-time visitors with intelligent size chart
For first-time visitors, the main concern and ultimate barrier to finalising a sale is how the selected size will actually fit them. Customers have two options: either study a classic size chart, or buy several sizes with the unhidden agenda to return unsuitable garments. The situation is even more complicated for multi-brand websites, since each brand has different sizing characteristics despite similar naming convention. As a result, customers must spend a lot of time in making decisions, which simply leads to many giving up before completing their purchase. Prime AI personal size recommendation significantly increases confidence of online shoppers, especially in the case of first-time buyers.

Prime AI is modernising fashion retail
The data collected regarding garment specifications and customers’ preferences is used to identify missed sales opportunities down to SKU level, including what sizes should be kept in stock or which new sizes should be brought in.

Prime AI interactive size guide is already making a significant difference to its client’s bottom line. We build tailored sizing models in the form of neural networks for each retailer to get the best results in reducing returns, increasing conversion, optimising inventory and identifying missed sales opportunities. Prime AI understand that each retailer has different customers but also different business models and strategies: single brand, multi-brand, fast and luxury fashion, each facing different challenges.

The technology is hosted and served by Prime AI servers, but all interaction happens without leaving the retailer’s website. Allowing customers to find their perfect size and add to their baskets, or sign up for back-in-stock notifications. This last feature enables to grow customer database and gives retailers an instant second chance to sell returned item to someone who is waiting for it.

Prime AI experience has shown significant impact on reduction of returns with benefits extending to lower costs in logistics, warehousing and customer service department. In addition, new customer acquisition is seen to be accelerated.

Get 60% higher sales conversion from product description to order !
Adding the Perfect Size instant recommendation tool to your website could not be easier. Only two pre-defined lines of code have to be added to the product description page for the widget to appear. For our machine learning algorithm to improve recommendations we will need some sales and returns data, which can be provided via different methods. Prime AI will develop any additional code or script that may be required to suit specific websites, branding or maximise customer experience. Past shopping history can be integrated to provide more accurate personal size recommendation automatically to returning customers.

You don’t need to put any effort in providing garment specifications to us. The team at PRIME AI will gather all information to prepare accurate initial sizing models.

Gain competitive advantage today
In addition to providing the same look and feel shopping experience across devices, you will see a noticeable boost in conversion ratio and average order value especially on mobile from day one.

The collected and processed data will enable you to optimise and transform your business strategy with your decision making supported by artificial intelligence and relevant facts and figures. We understand using data and making sense out of a large amount of it for businesses can be difficult. Therefore, our team of fashion experts and data scientists will provide you with actionable reports specifically tailored to your business.

Why not request a demonstration here and find out what we can do for your business.