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How to find a bikini that fits properly with Prime AI

May 13, 2022, Prime AI

Find out how Prime AI size recommendation technology helps to tackle the common problem of finding a bikini that fits properly.

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How to find shoes that fit. Shoe size finder technology by Prime AI

April 25, 2022, Prime AI

Prime AI Shoe Size Finder technology can accurately measure your shoppers feet and match to shoe specs.

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How to reduce bounce rate from Instagram to Shopify for apparel retailers

April 4, 2022, Prime AI

Reduce bounce rates from Instagram to Shopify for apparel retailers. Learn how to reduce bounce rate from paid ads with Prime AI.

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Enhance customers self-support in fashion retail with Prime AI

18th March 2022, Prime AI

In the modern world, artificial intelligence is used in practically every industry. This is for one simple reason: it makes the customer experience easier. In this article, we explain how AI technology is applied to fashion, we look into reasons why it is beneficial to retailers and why Prime AI technology is the best asset for your fashion business.

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Men’s Formal Shirts, get size and fit right the first time

28th September 2021, Prime AI

For any shirt retailer, one of the main challenges is to advise their customers which fit to buy to best suit their body type. Formal shirts, specifically for men, come in a plethora of choice amongst style and fit to cater for varying body shapes – from super slim and contemporary fits to classic cuts. Using Prime AI’s sizing recommendation widget on retailers' websites, customers can shop anytime, anywhere and find the size that fits much faster than measuring themselves.

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Why retailers should provide more Unisex clothing options

9th September 2021, Prime AI

Many retailers are moving towards a different approach to avoid the reinforcement of gender stereotypes. You may see them being marketed as agender, gender neutral or more commonly, unisex.

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How O’Neill improve their sustainability even further

11th June 2021, O'Neill

Globally known fashion brand O’Neill have taken innovative steps to improve the environment by partnering with Prime AI.

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How EQVVS is solving the problem of finding the perfect fit online

28th September 2020, EQVVS

EQVVS has partnered up with artificial intelligence size and fit technology specialists Prime AI to deliver a more effective online sizing guide for its customers

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Virtual clothes fitting solutions reduce Black Friday returns

1st October 2019, Prime AI

How to make the best of Black Friday shopping spree, without suffering large returns thanks to virtual clothes fitting solutions.

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Which is the best clothing size recommendation technology?

1st August 2019, Prime AI

An in-depth overview of different technologies including their approach, strengths and weaknesses in providing clothing size recommendations for online fashion retails.

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Size Recommendation for E-Commerce Powered by AI using Neural Networks

25th June 2019, Prime AI

Learn how Prime AI matches customer morphology and garment size using advanced Neural Networks technology for its e-commerce fashion clients.

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New Widget Features, New Video and New Demo Site !

14th June 2019, Prime AI

Check out the new multi-user features of our size recommendation widget and experience our new demo site !

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AI Interactive size guide for fashion retailers

7th May 2019, Prime AI

How online fashion retailers can replace traditional size charts with interactive size guide powered by AI to improve customer experience and bottom line.

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How to increase mobile sales conversion ratio for Fashion retailers?

3rd April 2019, Prime AI

Mobile devices rule many aspects of our lives, including shopping on the fly, resulting in constrained time for decision making from a limited screen size. Learn how Prime AI can positively impact your customers’ mobile experience.

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Enhance sustainability within the fashion industry with AI

11th March 2019, Prime AI

Learn how Prime AI can reduce returns, increase customer confidence to order the right size first time out and save the planet !

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Free delivery and returns calls for modern size charts

18th February 2019, Prime AI

With free delivery and returns becoming industry standard, most people shopping online are not even interested in opening a size chart. Learn how Prime AI can help change customer behaviour.

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Fashion retailer on PrestaShop platform selects Prime AI to help reduce returns

4th February 2019, Prime AI

We are proud to announce that Finnish Women's clothing retailer Her Secret has selected Prime AI to provide instant and accurate size recommendation to its customers.

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Prime AI Size Recommendation in action !

21st January 2019, Prime AI

Prime AI release video of its innovative personal size recommendation widget powered by Artificial Intelligence

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