How to increase mobile sales conversion ratio for Fashion retailers?


Modern , mobile and rushed modern lives !
Due to mobile devices being relatively low price, and packed with many functionalities, it has became a basic necessity and widely used for managing many aspects of our modern lives.

Mobiles have open the window to instant and 24/7 shopping, which has obviously positively impacted many online retailers with number of visitors growing rapidly, bringing an additional and potentially significant new revenue stream. However, this excitement did not last very long for some who underestimated the importance of user experience on smaller screens. As a result, revenue growth started to stall due to more visitors approaching websites through mobile devices rather than desktops.

On one hand today’s technology gives people the opportunity to shop anywhere, anytime, compare different retailers, check prices, merchandises and respond quickly to marketing activities. On the other hand, time for decision making has been condensed due to people shopping on the go, or while doing something else. The risk of the shopping experience being interrupted by somebody or even compromised internet connection is not negligible. Finally, the size of devices’ screen comes in to play with mobiles obviously not being able to display as many items as desktops’ larger screen.

All this results in reduced sales conversion and lowered average order value. Unfortunately, negative implications for online businesses did not end there… Rushed decisions and constrained visuals have resulted in larger returns. Forcing fashion retailers to work harder or smarter to adapt to the new shopping habits.

Instant size recommendation by Prime AI
Prime AI technology assists fashion retailer’s visitors in their decision making process. By matching customers’ biometrics to clothing specifications, clients, quickly and effortlessly, get instant personal size recommendation on every product description page. The technology takes advantage of true Artificial Intelligence, understanding and adapting the perfect match between customer and product at every purchase and return, leading to more customer ordering the right size on their very first purchase, gradually reducing orders with multiple items being purchased to try on at home. With visitors getting instant personalised size recommendations, they can make purchase decisions quickly, in line with the requirements of their modern time and multi-tasking constrains. We can demonstrate positive, and non-negligible gains in overall conversion ratio with the most significant change being for first time buyer and mobile users.

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