Fashion retailer on PrestaShop platform selects Prime AI to help reduce returns


Women’s clothing retailer based in Finland, Her Secret, is offering over 2,500 multi-brand products with new items being launched every week across multiple categories, including dresses, knitwear, jeans, lingerie, and many more.

Prime AI, the software and data analytics enterprise for fashion retailers today announces that the retailer, which e-commerce is built on the PrestaShop open source platform has selected Prime AI to provide services powered by artificial intelligence to improve customer experience and reduce returns.

Essentially, old-fashion tabulated size charts are being replaced by a personalised and easy to use size recommendation tool, also known as widget, that is directly integrated into each product description page.

The innovative tool by Prime AI has proved to significantly increase accuracy with which customers select their most appropriate size, called the "Perfect Size", leading to less items being returned.

Prime AI size recommendation widget eliminates the need for customers to study and try to understand complex size chart. It increases confidence in selecting the Perfect Size by matching customer’s body shape with garment specifications and generating instant size recommendations. When customer browses across different brands or categories, the perfect size recommendation changes seamlessly on every product description page.

The size recommendation tool is even more of an advantage for retailers who sell multi-brand clothing. With each brand using different size reference, the same customer’s most suitable size might not be the same for different brands. Prime AI widget therefore eliminates the need for customers to invest time in studying multiple size charts to ensure they are buying the right size for every brand each and every time.

The adoption of Prime AI innovative technology has proven to reduce returns while significantly increasing conversion ratio. Furthermore, collected data enable retailers to gain valuable insight in its customer base and gain completive advantage by addressing lost sale potentials.