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UK Online Clothing and Footwear Retail in March 2024 - Prime AI

Published on April 26th, 2024

According to the latest retail sales data from the UK's Office for National Statistics (ONS), the Online Retail for textile, clothing, and footwear retail sector was a standout performer in March 2024.


While overall retail sales volumes were flat (0.0%) compared to the previous month, the data shows that sales volumes for Online Retail in textile, clothing, and footwear stores increased by a robust 3.4% in March 2024.

This was the strongest growth among the different retail sectors analysed. The data suggests that even as consumer spending remained cautious across other retail categories, UK shoppers were still shopping for fashion and footwear items. This could signal a steady demand in the clothing and footwear segment, as consumers look to refresh their wardrobes after a period of more muted spending in previous months.

Notably, the increase in textile, clothing, and footwear sales came amid a broader trend of flat or declining retail performance in other sectors, such as household goods (-0.7%) and non-store retailing (-0.9%). This underscores the resilience of the fashion and apparel market in the current economic climate.

The ONS data also shows that the proportion of total retail sales made online remained relatively stable, there was a slight increase in online spending by 0.2% month on month, leading to a rise in the proportion of sales made online from 25.7% in February 2024 to 25.9% in March 2024. In the context of overall sales being flat, this suggests that online retail continues to grow its share of customer spending and might suggest that a larger portion of the population is choosing to shop online vs. in-store for clothing and footwear. Prime AI technologies, such a shoe size finder that measures foot dimension and matches to the individual shoe specifications, give an interesting opportunity for more efficient and environmentally friendly shopping.

Overall, the March 2024 retail data paints a picture of a UK consumer base that is selectively opening their wallets, with the textile, clothing, and footwear sector emerging as a bright spot in an otherwise muted retail landscape. This trend will be important for brands and retailers to monitor as they navigate the evolving consumer landscape.

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