Visual product discovery made easy

Visual search in ecommerce for apparel retailers. Make shopping easy!

For fashion retailers who want to reduce bounce rate from social media ads, increase conversion rate, average order value and reduce refunds. Prime AI visual search technology helps your website visitors to find visually similar products by uploading an image. Automated dynamic product recommendations of visually similar products puts the entire product catalogue to work, not just the top sellers.

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Zoom in on specific items within an image

A feature that makes visual search even more powerful is the ability to crop or zoom in on specific items within an image.

Customers often find inspiration from images that contain multiple products. The ability to isolate a particular item, like a top, footwear or accessory and search for similar looking products allows customers to quickly find what they are looking for. Sell more now!

Visual search next to search bar

Enabling shoppers to search products by images removes the language barriers, making it easier for international customers to find what they are looking for.

Different countries use different terminologies for similar products that your product descriptions may not be addressing, visual search eliminates this discrepancy in the global online shopping environment.

People with disabilities, such as those who struggle with traditional text input methods will appreciate a more inclusive shopping experience.

When something goes viral on social media or is worn by a celebrity, shoppers can quickly find similar items by simply snapping the picture and uploading it to be searched in your store.

Visual search on Product Detail Pages

Shoppers viewing a product can instantly see visual similar items variations in similar patterns, styles and have an option to complete the look with similar looking items from other product categories such as similar print trousers, tops and accessories that increases chances of complimentary purchases. It also suggests alternatives that might better meet customer’s budget or other styling preferences.

Reduce time and effort needed for your shoppers to find what they are looking for. Faster user journey = better conversion.

Visual search powered Content Marketing

Enable instant identification and discovery of products featured in blog posts, lifestyle images or home page banners bypassing the need for manual navigation via your website's taxonomy.

Every image or style guide is an opportunity for an interactive shopping experience. Offer visually similar alternatives if the exact item sold out to maintain shopper's interest by eliminating the frustration of navigation of the website. Particularly useful for mobile users where screen size is limited to find products by navigating manually.

Reduce chances of losing new customers regardless of where they land on your website.

Visual Search Analytics Dashboard

Analytics dashboard will show you the usability of the tool.

Pro - Analytics dashboard will show you usability of the tool, impact to your KPIs such as: conversion rate, average order value, refunds and most importantly what shoppers searched on your website. You can access all the images that were searched and we will give you summary such as: what category, what silhouette dresses were searched most e.g. A-line dresses, what colours and what product attributes e.g. crew neck, V-neck. Optimise your product assortment and marketing strategies based on what customers are searching on your website now.

Visual search on your ecommerce platform or app

To start with Prime AI powered visual search minimal effort is required from your team with a Starter monthly subscription plan. Choose a subscription plan, get instructions via email to insert java script snippets to the location where you want to display a visual search button, and provide product feed. We will process your images, initial catalogue processing may take up 48 hours. Publish to the production environment.

Our technology is easily integrated into any eCommerce platform, including headless eCommerce and apps, with zero data entry required from your team. Technology continuously learns to ensure high accuracy with every image search.

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Future-proof your business with cost effective visual search, designed to deliver significantly improved shopping experience for your customers.


An affordable gateway for smaller retailers.


Integration Fee: Free

  • Standard interface design - Plug & Play
  • Email support
  • Up to 500k. Page views per month

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For mid-sized growing retailers.


Integration Fee: £500

Includes everything in Starter plus:

  • Size out of Stock? Show visually similar items that are in stock. Alternative product container.
  • Any images on website (blogs) visual search enabled
  • Customisable interface design
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Up to 2mln. Page views per month

100% Customisable

Best for larger websites looking for a fully customisable solution


Integration Fee: £1000

Includes everything in Growth plus:

  • 100% Customisable
  • APIs
  • A/B testing
  • Pro - Analytics Dashboard