Case Study

How Sport Vision Reduce Nike Footwear Refunds

In the footwear retail sector, ensuring customer satisfaction and sustaining profitability is not easy. Retailers frequently grapple with the challenge of high return and refund rates, primarily attributed to issues with sizing. This case study delves into how Sport Vision, a notable sportswear retailer, effectively deployed the Prime AI Shoe Size Finder solution on their e-commerce platform. This strategic implementation significantly reduced Nike footwear returns and enhanced customer satisfaction.



Nike Footwear



Women's Nike footwear



Men's Nike Football Boots

*Customers who ordered recommended size vs. no size recommendation orders


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The Challenge

Soulz was experiencing a high rate of refunds and returns due to atypical luxury brands size fittings, it led to increased costs and lost sales. The primary reason for the returns was sizing issues, as customers often found it difficult to select the correct size when shopping online. Everyone knows sizing differs by brand. For the buyer ordering a dress of the brand they never wore before is very much wilde guess what size to order. For the buyers who own some clothing pieces in their favourite brand, decision making on what size to order is easier, but not risk free. Because even the same brand sizing differs by styles, season, materials used. Soulz needed a solution that could help their customers make better sizing decisions and reduce the number of returns.

The Solution

Sport Vision harnessed Prime AI Shoe Size Finder, a cutting-edge solution leveraging advanced image analysis and neural networks. This technology not only measures foot dimensions accurately, but also employs algorithms that adapt and learn from an array of images, sales data, and return patterns. It is seamlessly integrated into Sport Vision eCommerce platform, where customers can simply snap a photo of their foot for real-time matching with the shoe specifications they are considering to buy. The system's accuracy continually improves at the SKU level through sales and refunds data, ensuring recommendations evolve and improve over time. In instances where the recommended size is unavailable, Prime AI offers alternative shoes that fit this individual shopper's foot and in-stock at the retailer's online store.

The Results

Post-implementation of Prime AI's Shoe Size Finder, Sport Vision witnessed remarkable outcomes. During the peak shopping season from November to February, customers who ordered Nike footwear in the recommended size had a 26.2% lower refund rate. Notably, the refund rate for Men's Nike footwear was lower by 16.1%, while Women's Nike footwear was lower by 51%. Furthermore, returns for Men's Nike Football Boots were lower by more than half showing a 54.9% lower return rate among customers who ordered the recommended size.

Prime AI also provided valuable insights into sizing demand, highlighting discrepancies between demand and inventory for specific sizes in Men's and Women's categories. This intelligence enables strategic inventory adjustments, enhancing profitability and competitive market positioning.


Integrating Prime AI's Shoe Size Finder has revolutionised how Sport Vision addresses the online footwear sizing dilemma, leading to lower refunds and heightened customer satisfaction. Beyond immediate operational benefits, the technology has unlocked strategic analytics, minimising lost sales opportunities and fostering a deeper understanding of consumer preferences. Prime AI stands at the forefront of eCommerce innovation, offering retailers the tools to enhance customer experience and secure a competitive edge.

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