Shoe Size and Fit Finder User Guide

Welcome to the Prime AI Shoe Size Finder! Our interactive tool, available on fashion retailer websites, helps you find the perfect shoe size without trying them on. Using cutting-edge AI technology, we aim to make shopping easier and more efficient.

How to Use the Shoe Size Finder Tool

  1. Follow On-Screen Instructions:
    The tool will guide you.
  2. Use Your Mobile Phone Camera:
    Capture your foot size easily.
  3. Prepare a Piece of A4 Paper (Letter Size US):
    Use the blank side if one side has writing. Ensure it's not torn or ripped.
  4. Sit Comfortably:
    Place your knee over your toes for the best capture.
  5. Choose Left or Right Foot to Measure:
    Snap a picture of the larger foot, if you're unsure which foot is larger repeat the process for both feet.

Camera Tips

Our technology is highly accurate, delivering consistent results within 5mm.

  • Make sure an A4 or letter-size paper is present next to your foot
  • Make sure the paper is fully visible in the camera view
  • Ensure your whole foot is in the frame also
  • Follow the prompts to take the picture. Lighting and wearing socks generally won't affect the accuracy.

How to add a new profile

  1. Go to Settings:
    Click the settings button at the top right.
  2. Create a Profile:
    Enter the name and select the user type.
  3. Switch Between Users
    Select the desired profile from the list.

What happens to my data?

Your data is stored securely. We do not share your personal information. The only data we keep is a photograph of your foot, which isn't linked to your personal information. Once you have your size, you can clear your cookies to erase your data and profile.

How to Leave Feedback

Your feedback helps us improve! Select the feedback tab in the dialogue box and write your notes.

How to Stop Receiving Size Recommendations

  • Go to Settings:
    Click on the top right of the dialog box.
  • Select Privacy Policy
    From the tabs on the left.
  • Delete Cookies
    Choose this option to erase your data.

Why Do I See a Red Exclamation Mark?

A red exclamation mark indicates a profile mismatch. For example, if you're a woman buying men's shoes, ensure you select ‘man’ for that profile user type to get accurate recommendations.

Environmental Benefits

Using our Shoe Size Finder helps reduce your carbon footprint:

  • Extend Shoe Lifespan:
    Properly fitted shoes last longer.
  • Reduce Returns:
    Fewer returns means less shipping and transportation emissions.
  • Minimize Waste:
    Better fits mean less unsold inventory.
  • Encourage Eco-Friendly Activities:
    Comfortable shoes promote walking or running instead of driving.

By finding the right fit, you help reduce waste, save on shipping emissions, and enjoy a better, more comfortable experience.

Happy Shopping with Prime AI's Shoe Size Finder!

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