Case Study

How a menswear retailer reduces refunds

In the competitive Men's shirt business, keeping customers satisfied while maintaining profitability is a top priority. One of the biggest challenges shirt's retailers face is the high rate of refunds due to sizing and fit issues. In this case study, we explore how shirt retailer, Spier & Mackay, successfully implemented Prime AI size finder solution on their Magento E-commerce platform to reduce refunds and improve customer satisfaction.

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The Challenge

Spier & Mackay customers were experiencing difficulty with customers having to choose from one of 4 shirt fit types in a size that fits well, resulting in a high refunds rate, increased operational costs and lost sales. The primary challenge was selecting the most suitable shirt fit such as: extra slim, slim, contemporary, classic. Since different customers have a different interpretation of what is Contemporary and Classic. Some first time buyers understand classic fit as more baggy fit while others see contemporary as a more baggy fit. In addition the same customers would need a different size depending on fit. For example, if a customer chooses slim fit and contemporary both in size 16 one shirt will 100% won’t fit right. Also the customer has to make a decision about sleeve length. For first time buyers, ordering a shirt with so many variables leads to a high probability of choosing the wrong size. Spier & Mackay needed a custom solution that can understand the difference in every shirt fit and size to help their customers make better sizing decisions and reduce the number of returns.

What PRIME AI Clients say:

“ The tool has helped our first-time customers to dial in their correct size. The questions are easy to answer for our customers and the recommendations are highly accurate. Our return rates have gone down by 20% in the last year. The integration was straightforward with our custom website and the tech support was quick & helpful. ”


E-Commerce Manager

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“We've been working with Prime AI for about a year now, primarily to help our online customers select the right size. As a luxury brand, customer trust and satisfaction are very important to us and we're pleased to say we've received feedback indicating the tool increases confidence in online purchases. From a commercial perspective, we really appreciate the monthly reporting and the reiterative nature of our collaboration as our feedback is always welcome and acted upon.”

Christina M

Brand & Partnerships Director

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The Solution

Spier & Mackay implemented Prime AI custom build size finder technology, which uses advanced neural networks, as well as sales refunds and product data to help more shoppers to buy a size that fits both for new and returning customers to their shop. The solution was seamlessly integrated into their Magento ecommerce platform, allowing customers to input their age, height, weight or answer a few simple questions about their body shape and arms. Based on this information, the Prime AI solution recommended the most suitable size for each customer matching them in real time to the actual product they are viewing.

The Results

After implementing Prime AI size finder, Spier & Mackay experienced the following results over last 12 months:

  • Reduced refunds: Overall refunds rate decreased by 20% year over year.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: Customer feedback indicated that shoppers appreciated the sizing recommendations and felt more confident in buying at Spier and Mackay for the first time.
  • Increased sales: With customers more confident in their size selection, customers who could not fit to the biggest or smallest size available "of the rack" are being redirected to custom shirts program. This results in more products views, higher conversion rate from Product Detail Page to order completion delivering incremental sales every month around 4%.
  • Gained insights: Spier & Mackay team found it useful to analyse conversion rate by category by product ID and gain a better understanding of their customer age.


By integrating Prime AI size finder into Magento ecommerce platform, Spier & Mackay addresses the critical challenge in decision making what Men’s shirt fit and size to buy online. The results speak for themselves: significantly reduced refunds rate year over year at Spier & Mackay. In addition, increased customer satisfaction, and boosted business profitability. Prime AI size finder has proven to be an essential tool for Men’s Shirts online retailers looking to enhance their customer experience and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

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