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How multi-brand retailer reduces refunds

In the competitive world of apparel retail, keeping customers satisfied while maintaining profitability is a top priority. One of the biggest challenges retailers face is the high rate of refunds and returns due to sizing and fit issues. In this case study, we explore how multi-brand apparel retailer, Soulz, successfully implemented Prime AI size finder solution on their Shopify store to reduce refunds and improve customer satisfaction.



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The Challenge

Soulz was experiencing a high rate of refunds and returns due to atypical luxury brands size fittings, it led to increased costs and lost sales. The primary reason for the returns was sizing issues, as customers often found it difficult to select the correct size when shopping online. Everyone knows sizing differs by brand. For the buyer ordering a dress of the brand they never wore before is very much wilde guess what size to order. For the buyers who own some clothing pieces in their favourite brand, decision making on what size to order is easier, but not risk free. Because even the same brand sizing differs by styles, season, materials used. Soulz needed a solution that could help their customers make better sizing decisions and reduce the number of returns.

The Solution

Soulz implemented Prime AI size finder technology, which uses advanced neural networks as well as sales refunds and product data to help more shoppers to buy the size that fits both new and returning customers to their shop. The solution was seamlessly integrated into their Sylius online store, allowing customers to input their age, height, weight or answer a few simple questions about their body shape and fit preferences. Based on this information, the Prime AI solution recommended the most suitable size for each customer matching them in real time to the actual product they are viewing.

The Results

After implementing Prime AI size finder, Soulz experienced the following results over last 12 months:

  • Reduced refunds: During the last 12 months (up to March 2023), Soulz saw 15% less refunds made by customers who used Prime AI size finder. The Women's Dresses category had less refunds by customers who ordered using size recommendations. Good results are visible in other product categories: Girls clothing, Men’s Jeans, Men’s Shirts, Men’s sweaters, Women’s skirts, Women Sweatshirts and many others.

  • Improved customer satisfaction: Customer feedback indicated that shoppers appreciated the sizing recommendations and felt more confident in buying at Soulz for the first time.

  • Increased sales: With customers more confident in their size selection, Soulz experienced an increase in overall sales, as shoppers were more likely to complete their purchase. Shoppers who used Prime AI size finder on view nearly two times more products vs. customers who have not used size finder resulting in overall higher conversion rate.

  • Gained insights: Soulz team learned to analyse product demand data at product ID level to optimise on site merchandising and marketing activities and building new reports to optimise their business.


By integrating Prime AI size finder technology into ecommerce, Soulz addresses the critical challenge in decision making what size to buy on multi-brand apparel store. The results speak for themselves: reduced refunds at Soulz while many retailers in the industry without AI powered sizing technologies reported growth of refunds. In addition Soulz increased customer satisfaction, and a boost in sales. Prime size finder has proven to be an essential tool for fashion ecommerce retailers looking to enhance their customer experience and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

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