How to Measure Your Foot to Find the Right Shoe Size

Find your foot length:

  • Grab an A4 or Letter-sized (United States) paper.
  • Click on Measure My Foot Now and follow the simple instructions to measure your foot using your mobile phone camera.
  • We will display your foot's length in millimetres.

You can compare your foot length with the size guide on the retailer's website for the footwear you intend to purchase. Alternatively, use our automated brand sizing feature on this page to find the best fit for your favourite brands.

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Measure Your Foot

Finding the correct shoe size starts with accurately measuring your foot.

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Automated Brand Sizing

Once you've measured your foot, use our automated brand sizing:

  • Select your Gender and Shoe Brand.
  • Enter your email address to unlock access to the brands in our database.

Brand sizes and fits may vary from product to product, so we provide the best estimate. Using this tool helps modernise the footwear retail industry and supports environmental sustainability.

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