Artificial intelligence in marketing increases hit rate

Machine learning can help ascertain where to focus your efforts for the best results

Let AI turn customer profiling into action:
  • Identify most promising leads
  • Increase your hit to miss ratio

  • Our machine learning tools can vastly improve a marketing campaign while making better use of your marketing budget by focusing on most promising customers

    Example: Telemarketing Strategy Optimisation

    Neural networks can identify most promising potential customers in telemarketing campaigns. PRIME AI has developed bespoke neural networks trained with historical data from previous marketing campaigns, including details of customers and sales actually achieved. The resulting network is capable of predicting outcome of calls from new campaigns with an accuracy of 92%. When considering that over 90% of calls were previously unsuccessful, PRIME AI enabled the team to concentrate on the 10% that matters, leading to a substantial increase in revenue.

    Cost and Return on Investment

    At PRIME AI, we are proud to offer real tangible solutions that will benefit your business. We do not charge for implementation and only charge based on results delivered. Call us now to learn more about how we can enhance your business performance thanks to Artificial Intelligence.