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Clothing fit finder by Prime AI demonstration for men's skinny fit jeans

"Apparel personalization tools are helping online retailers to increase their sales further and gain competitive advantage vs. other retailers who don’t deliver personalized content or services to their shoppers. As fashion retail market competitiveness continues to grow the biggest benefits can be gained by retailers who can go to finer granularity of personalization. Size, fit recommendation is one dimension of personalization can truly deliver huge gains in conversion rate and reduction in operating costs. Help your customers to find skinny fit jeans size quicker. See more about our technology here: fit finder by Prime AI "

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Enhance product recommendations with Prime AI. Show products that are in shopper's size and in stock. The next level of personalisation that will supercharge conversion rate of e-commerce.

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Test fit finder by Prime AI for other merchandises:
Select garment type to be taken to fit finder by Prime AI demonstration portal. You can test drive wide range of garments for Men and Women, including Bra size finder and shoes size finder.

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