Clothing fit finder by Prime AI demonstration portal

This is a demonstration portal of clothing fit finder by Prime AI. Below is a mockup of the product listing page. Click on the images below to visit the product detail page and then click on the button “Find my perfect size!

Enter your weight, height only once to get automatic size recommendation for all products you will view. As a result highly personalized content can be delivered down to a single user.

Prime AI
Women Blouse Petite €270.00
Women Dress Maxi €830.00
Men T-Shirt Long Sleeve $40.00
Men Shirt Plain £149.00
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Conversion optimization tool for online fashion retailers

Fit finder by Prime AI is a conversion optimization tool for online fashion retailers. Its purpose is to ensure that customers are buying clothes in the size that truly fit them. Prime AI size and fit finder powered by proprietary artificial intelligence that is matching customer body shape to garment SKU specifications. Thus making the most accurate size recommendation technology, Today.

Further conversion optimization is gained through delivery of highly personalized content to each individual shopper throughout the journey on your website by matching their intent, sizing and other unique attributes.

Using Prime AI fit finder benefits do extend beyond just a conversion optimization. Delivering accurate size recommendations will reduce the number of returned items significantly. Therefore you will see savings in logistics and customer service costs.

Make your business more profitable in under a week. No software to install, no IT team required. Learn more about size finder here: fitfinder by Prime AI